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Alison Jane Hoare

My interests as a curator sit with practitioners working in the field of time-based works including film and video, and performative art. Recent projects have taken the form of live sound art performance production, and an extensive study of the French artist Laure Prouvost. I am currently working alongside curator Tessa Jackson, developing an exhibition on Climate and Change in 2022



Artist Statement

I am inspired by research, creatively putting theory into practice.  Predominantly the process of conceptualising and hypothesising exhibitions. Inspirations include American Composer Robert Ashley's work 'Pillars (For David Moodey)' 2007, the experience of spending a week with Laure Prouvost in 2019 in the French Pyrenees, architects' drawings of galleries and the appreciation of the extraordinary rise and fall of sea levels within the Bristol Channel where I live.

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