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Aleksandra Legiec


I’m a Bristol-based illustrator and tattoo artist; after graduating in BA Graphic Communication in 2020, I decided to expand my practice through an MA in Visual Communication. In the past year, I explored new ways of image-making using photo etching, linocut and digital software to communicate my ideas in more complex and engaging ways. Developing these skills allowed me to design more unique and innovative tattoo concepts and to constantly push the boundaries of what can be created on the skin. 

Since the beginning of my studies, I have appreciated art and designs created in the 1920s; in my final project, I decided to explore the connection between the Roaring Twenties and the current decade. My research was constantly drawn towards fashion and how it was influenced by the social, political events in that time; therefore, I want to find out how fashion is connected to these topics now, 100 years later.


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